Until recently, water conservation was not a priority in Northern California.  With the ongoing drought conditions we have been experiencing, creating a beautiful and functional outdoor living space has become increasingly difficult.  Many have resorted to the using desert landscaping in order to create an environmentally friendly oasis that uses much less water than turf grass.  You can achieve this by using drought tolerant plants that can survive with heavy sun exposure and very little irrigation.  Another alternative is to use synthetic grass.  Artificial lawns manufacturers have made big improvements when compared to the terribly cheap plastic fake grasses that were being sold by the big box retailers several years ago.

Adding things such as drought tolerant plants, commercial quality synthetic lawns, contractor grade outdoor lighting, versatile water features and outdoor kitchens can make an outdoor living space that allows you to entertain year round in our moderate climate.

Quality outdoor lighting today consists of long lasting, energy efficient led bulbs that can be dimmed as needed for ambience or mood lighting for parties or any event.  Lighting systems can be simple with manual on/off switch or more extravagant with digital times, dimmers and remote controls.

Your water feature can be a simple pond with a pump or a lighted self-contained waterfall that can change colors.

Your local Normac store carries incredibly realistic artificial grass, all types of high quality outdoor lighting, self-contained water falls, pondless fountains, pond liners, pumps and a full line of outdoor kitchens.