Water restrictions due to our ongoing drought got you down?  Need to save 20%, 25% or 30% of your water usage in order to meet your water agency’s watering restrictions?

In many homes, up to 70 percent of monthly water usage can be attributed to landscape care and maintenance.  If you have thought about using synthetic grass but have nightmares of the terrible, cheap looking, plastic fake grass that the big box stores were selling a few years ago then you need to take another look.  EasyTurf’s synthetic grass isn’t your grandparent’s fake grass that looked like fake grass.  EasyTurf’s artificial lawn is comprised of polyethylene or polypropylene fibers or yarn that are tufted or quilted into a backing to create the appearance of a realistic organic lawn.   EasyTurf does not use nylon because it has absorptive qualities and it does not drain clean. Nylon fiber is only found in inferior synthetic grass products.

 There are many benefits to the homeowner and property owners who chooses EasyTurf for their synthetic turf. First and foremost, they are part of the water-conservation effort! Obviously a 70 percent reduction in water usage is significant and deserves a big “thank you.” That 70 percent water savings also translates into a 70 percent savings on your monthly water bill.

Homeowners and property owners who install EasyTurf will enjoy a lush, green lawn, year round, with absolutely no maintenance – no watering, no mowing, no weeding and no fertilizing. You can simply open your door and take in the beauty of a manicured green lawn. EasyTurf solves common lawn problems with an ultra-realistic looking artificial grass turf lawn. EasyTurf’s synthetic grass is especially efficient at solving problems associated with dog urine killing your grass, grass for shady areas and lowering lawn water and maintenance costs.

Need an amazing looking, water saving alternative to natural grass that will add functional beauty to any outdoor living space?  Stop by your local Normac store and see just how real EasyTurf’s artificial grass looks and feels.